Brand Focus: Loake

Loake Shoemakers craft luxury investment pieces for sophisticated wardrobes. Just because a pair of Loake shoes are an investment piece that doesn’t mean you can’t snag a pair on sale at irresistible outlet prices. Savvy shoppers know that discount Loake shoes can be hard to come by. With a range of styles, such as Loake Oxford shoes, Loake brogues, and Loake boots on sale – we’ve got your smart style sorted!

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Even at discounted prices: are Loake shoes worth it? It’s one of the most common questions many gents ask themselves before reaching for their wallet. In short, the answer is yes! Loake is a brand synonymous with quality, handmade in Britain, their shoes are made with only the finest materials. When cared for well, they have the potential to last you a lifetime so you can consider them heirloom worthy! Loake Shoes can even be re-soled and repaired in the factory where they were once made.

Need further persuasion?  Over the course of this Brand Focus, we’ll answer the most common burning questions about Loake Shoemakers so you can make an informed investment. We love Loake shoes, and here’s why. 

Loake Shoemakers: Is Loake a Good Brand?

Brand History:

Makers of award-winning footwear, Loakes shoemakers have been in the business since c.1880 back when Queen Victoria still reigned.  The company was founded by three brothers: John, William, and Thomas Loake. A family business from the very beginning, the current Managing Director Andrew Loake continues the family-run business nearly 150 years later. 

 During the First World War, Loake played their part in supplying sturdy boots for the British Army. Still based in Northamptonshire even today, all their shoes are hand crafted from top quality materials – making Loake Shoemakers a prime example of British excellence and pedigree. From one queen to another, Loake have regularly supplied goods and services to Her Majesty the Queen, the late Duke of Edinburgh, and the Prince of Wales. 

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How Long do Loake Shoes Last?

If you’re looking to invest in a pair of Loake shoes, you want to know that you’ll get plenty of wear out of them. Thankfully, Loake specialises in the hardy Goodyear Welted construction– but what does that mean exactly? 

Goodyear Welted simply refers to the way in which the shoe is constructed. The ‘welt’ is a piece of leather that attaches the upper part of the shoe to the insole and to the outsole.

In this construction style, the stitching runs around the outside of the sole, maximising water resistance, and includes a cavity between the insole and outsole which allows space for added cushioning.

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In Loake shoes, this cavity tends to be filled with cork – making Loake shoes lightweight, insulating, self-moulding and breathable. So, not only will your feet stay warm and dry, Loake shoes offer unmatched custom comfort too! 

The other advantage of Goodyear Welted shoes is that they’re more easily repaired. In fact, Loake offer a service in which, once worn down, your shoes can be sent back to the factory for resoling. Giving old favourites a new lease of life – and giving you that fresh-out-the-box satisfaction all over again.

So, depending on how often you wear them, and how well you look after them, the Goodyear Welted sole means your Loake shoes will serve you twice over (and then some!)

How to Polish Loake Shoes

Speaking of looking after your Loake shoes – it’s important when investing in any pair of leather shoes to look after them properly. Any shoe-lover or avid collector will tell you that to get the best out of your best shoes they require a little TLC. To prevent cracking, leather shoes need to be kept clean and nourished to maintain that much coveted quality finish.

Read on for our handy guide on how to polish Loake shoes…

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You Will Need:

  • Soft-bristled brush (or two)
  • A soft cloth (or two)
  • Shoe conditioning cream
  • Wax polish


  1. To begin, use a soft-bristled brush to get rid of surface mud and dirt. 
  2. Using a cloth, gently apply shoe cream into the leather in small circular motions. Make sure you push the cream into all the creases and any imperfections to smooth them out. Allow the shoes to dry for around five minutes. 
  3. Select a wax polish that best matches the tone of your shoes. You want to try and find a polish that is a slightly lighter shade. Make sure to test on a small area of the shoe, perhaps under the arch, to see how the polish will take to the leather.
  4. Once you’re happy with your test, apply the polish to the shoes in a circular motion using a soft cloth or brush. Allow a few minutes to dry. 
  5. Finally, buff with a soft brush. Then rub briskly with a soft dry cloth to bring out the shine!
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Are Loake Shoes Worth It?

Loake shoes are absolutely worth the investment if you’re looking for shoes with style and substance. Across the web, you’ll find Loake shoes are a must-have for any gent who loves a little understated luxury. 

Not just a brand reserved for professional settings, Loake broke out of the formal-only scene in 2012 and are now worn by well-dressed gents around the clock. Loake Shoemakers carry the expertise to make a myriad of classic shoes, designed to take you from the office to a wedding to that all-important investment meeting and even off to the races.

They’re not just shoes for the season, but shoes made to be mended and worn again. Designed in the Goodyear Welted construction: Loake shoes are hand-crafted in England, with wet and windy weather in mind. 

Usually, good things come to those who wait. But when it comes to a Loake shoes sale, waiting could cost you a pair of reliable, top-quality shoes. So, if you can find a pair of Loake shoes on sale, be sure to snag them while you can, they won't be around for long.

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