How to Wear Knee High Boots

How to wear knee high boots

Another season has rolled around, the nights are shorter and there’s a chill in the air. That means it’s time to dust off your trusty boot collection – finally!


As any shoe lover knows, autumn is the perfect opportunity to show your boots some love. While every type of boot is lovable, knee high boots hold a special place in our shoedrobes. They are timeless, stylish and practical, who said the perfect shoe didn’t exist?


If you’re new to these autumnal favourites, don’t worry, we’ve put together a handy guide on how to wear knee high boots. From jeans to dresses, grab yourself a pair of cheap knee high boots and let us tell you how to make them look fabulously expensive.  



What to wear with knee high boots?


The beauty of the knee high boot is that it can be worn with just about anything. Although, certain types of boots do look best with different outfits. So, let’s break it down and simplify things:


Type of knee high boot

Style type

Outfit matches

Black suede or leather

Sleek and fashionable

These boots are perfect for monochromatic or rich, dark colours. Best paired with light jeans for dinner or drinks out or above the knee dresses or skirts for during the day.

Brown suede or leather

Casual and earthy

Effortlessly stylish everyday staple pieces, like jeans, are brown boot’s best friend. Wear with neutral, earthy tones for a, ‘I just threw this on’ look. These boots work particularly well with chunky knits and dark jeans.

Tan suede or leather

Neutral and light

Tan boots are ideal for lighter colour palettes. Think off whites and oatmeal tones. Pair these boots with knitted dresses, longline coats and gold accessories for a chic, winter-ready outfit.



How to wear knee high boots with dresses/skirts


Don’t be intimidated by the height of the knee high boot. It can put some people off as they think, ‘what would I wear these with?’. That’s where you’re wrong, the knee high boot goes with everything – we’ll prove it.


When it comes to dresses and skirts, knee high boots couldn’t be a better fit. The added length of the shoe creates the illusion of a longer leg. So, don’t think you’re limited to just jeans. Above the knee dresses and skirts looks effortlessly sophisticated when worn with knee high boots. It’s a super feminine and stylish choice that means you can keep on wearing your favourite summer clothing well into the winter months.


Plus, the midi dress or skirt is an all-time classic with a knee high boot – especially when they are heeled. The added bit of height helps the dress or skirt to sit slightly better on your frame and the little flash of the boot adds some super subtle dimension to the overall outfit.


As a general rule, try to make sure your boots hug the calves snugly but not too tightly. Obviously, if the boots are too tight, they will rub and be uncomfortable to wear. But if they are too loose, you will end up with a lot of gaping at the back that will feel and look more like a wellington boot. Just like your clothes, the right fit is essential to make the shoe work for your body. Don’t worry if you’ve got slightly wider calves, you can find knee high boots made for bigger leg sizes.



How to wear knee high boots with jeans


Jeans are a classic combo with knee high boots. Whether you’re going for a dressy or toned-down look, the jean and knee high boot works every time. When it comes to the type of jeans, it’s best to opt for a skinny fit. Or, if you don’t have or like skinny jeans, a slim or straight cut will work just as well. The slimmer the cut of the jean, the less you’ll have to tuck into your boots.


To make your outfits flow better, try not to wear your boots with looser fitting jeans. This can make the whole outfit seem a bit disjointed. The knee high boot look works best by highlighting your physique. So, baggier clothes aren’t the best choice. They can ruin the figure-hugging appearance of the boot by making them look bulky – the total opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.


Here’s a tip, when buying knee high boots, always try them on with a pair of jeans you would typically wear the shoes with. This way, you can guarantee you will be getting the right size and fit. There’s nothing worse than trying on your new boots to find they are too tight to be worn with your go-to denim. Also, to elongate the body, tuck in your shirt or jumper to really emphasise your legs – you’re welcome!



How to wear knee high boots to work


Knee high boots are completely adaptable meaning, yes, you can absolutely wear them to work.


Just like any other shoe, there are some that look more professional than others. For example, brown knee high boots are probably best reserved for your lunch and coffee dates with friends at the weekend. Unless your office has a casual dress code, in which case, wear those brown knee high boots to your heart's content.


For a more traditional workplace, it’s best to stick to a black knee high boot. Either leather or suede will work seamlessly, so, don’t feel restricted when it comes to different styles. Just like we mentioned earlier, knee high boots look amazing with midi dresses or skirts and can be worn with smart jeans on the days you don’t fancy dressing up too much.


Some perfect accessories for office knee high boots include longline trench coats, knitted midi dresses, black jeans, pleated skirts, and wet look leggings – to name just a few.



Now you know a little more about buying and stylish knee high boots, how many pairs will you be buying this year?